HYDRO-ONE offers you fully automatic, flexible and customizable surface vessels for surveying applications in small and large bodies of water. The customizable design of our platform allows the integration of almost any type of sensor, whether it's yours or ours:

  • depth measurement
  • 3D periphery scanning
  • underwater photography
  • and many others

We support you with any kind of customization.

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ZLS gravimeters

We represent the company ⇒ ZLS Corporation (Zero Length Spring), Austin, Texas, worldwide (except in the USA, Japan and China). These products are available:

  • Burris Gravimeter in various configurations

  • New: Burris Gravimeter - now also produced in Germany
    (made in Germany)

  • Dynamic Meter (sea and flight gravimeter)

  • Earth tide station

    Burris gravimeter with data acquisition, registration software, air pressure sensor, GPS time and other options

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